Student loans are sweeping the millennial generation and grabbing them by storm. They are one heck of a burden to pay back. In the U.S there is over $12 trillion owed in student debt.

This Rapper, Dee-1, aka David Augustine Jr., is a 26-year-old graduate of Louisiana State University. After graduating he taught middle school for 2 years and decided to pursue hip-hop. After he made minimum payments on his monthly loan amounts, he signed a record deal and used a large portion of the money to finish paying Sallie Mae back, hence the title of the song, “Sallie Mae Back.”

This video incorporates a partying/street feel, while remaining quite funny at the same time. It is difficult to tell if the rapper is serious about this song or if he had a humorous goal in the song and video. He raps about not having enough money or being able to make the payments. The video currently has around 460,000 views on YouTube after being released only a few weeks ago.

It starts with a financial aid counselor going through a list of paperwork that students need for their loans. It always seems like every document known to man is required. The counselor then hits a few pressure points that borrowers face during their years embedded in debt.

Throughout, he expresses his annoyance about how often he was getting called to make payments. He expresses pride towards those who doubted him, “For those who doubted me, yeah this is payback.” --Catch the pun intended?

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“I took a screenshot, boy, I had to save that. Then I hit my homeboy like, I finished paying Sallie Mae back.”

Whether he was serious about this song or just wanted to spread one of those videos you can’t ever get out of your head (yes, this doesn’t leave once you’ve heard it), the message is important. Student loans are drowning Americans, especially the Millennials. When taking student loans out or paying them back, the faster you do it and the lower amount you take out, the better. Less is more in this case, especially when it comes to financial freedom.  

Thanks Dee-1!