Qualifying for Rental Assistance

To qualify for housing assistance, a family's household income must not exceed the Annual Income Guidelines as set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). And Its a Requirement that one has a current copy of the credit report to show that they are unable to get financing through other means or have marginal credit thus eliminating them from getting a conventional mortgage or home loan.

In addition to falling within income limits, adults must be able to provide valid identification and proof of US citizenship. You will also need to provide your social security number and disclose your income and assets. Finally, your local housing authority will run a criminal background check. If you are on the sex offender registry or have a record of crimes that should land you on the registry, you cannot qualify for Section 8 housing or rental assistance. If you you have been convicted of other crimes, you might be denied assistance but can usually appeal the decision.

Before requesting assistance, make sure you meet minimum requirements. Here you can check your criminal record. It is recommended that you run your background check regardless of whether you've been convicted of a crime, as state and government agencies often have errors in their databases.

Finally, to verify that you fall within income limits, click your state below. If you meet the requirements for your area, contact your local agency to complete your paperwork.


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