The National Student Loan Data System is responsible for receiving data from schools, guaranty agencies, the direct loan program, and other Department of Ed programs. The National Student Data System compiles all of the loan information into one central database for student aid. The National Student Loan Data System provides student access that provides them with a centralized and integrated view of Title IV loans and grant that recipients can access. They can use this access to inquire about their IV loans and grant data. All recipients of Title Iv loans can access their record through the National Student Loan Data System.

Loan information listed on the National Student Loan Data System website is reported from many different sources. Most commonly, the information is reported from the agency that authorized the aid. Information on the NSLDS website is updated daily, new loans are reported within 30 days of receipt of funds. The listed outstanding balance may not reflect current payments and may be up to 120-days old.

For more up to date information, you will need to contact the loan provider. In order to access the website, you must use an FSA ID and Password that you create. Your FSA ID and password are used to access many U.S. Department of Education website, such as: FAFSA, NSLDS,,, and the TEACH grant website. It is very important that you keep your FSA ID and password secure. The unique combination of the FSA ID and Password make using it extremely safe. The National Student Loan Data System is available to user’s 24/7.

By accessing the National Student Loan Data System, you can obtain access to a vast amount of information regarding student loan data, such as:

  • View your federal loans, grants, and aid over-payments
  • View your current enrollment status or let the National Student Loan Data System know about future enrollment.
  • View the status of your loans that are subject to subsidized usage limits.
  • View and add your personal contact data
  • Complete counseling that is required for your TEACH grant.
  • Authorized a 3 rd party loan servicer to access your information on the National Loan Data System professional web site.

For more information regarding the Federal Student Loan Data program, please see the following resources: