Why People Aren't Familiar With Section 8 Housing

By Leah M.

The Housing Act of 1937 includes Section 8, which is specially designed for low-income citizens, which includes the elderly and disabled, to live in a safe, decent and affordable place. It’ s a housing program that started after the Great Depression in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the government created subsidy programs to increase the production of low income homes . Many people are unfamiliar with Section 8 because it’s not a program designed for anyone or everyone, and the term “low-income housing” may deter people from finding residence in these homes. A family can select a home of their choice once it meets the requirements of the program and they can also use this service to purchase a home.

Section 8 is a government program that helps provide one of the basic fundamental needs of humans, shelter. Finding a place to live is costly especially for people whose income cannot can’t match the pricing of owning a home.  Along with all the other expenses that are necessary to survive, the government created this Section 8 program. Under Section 8,  30% - 40% of your household income goes toward rent and the federal government pays the difference. The government also ensures that where you live is safe, secure and sanitized. A family or individual is free to choose an apartment, single-family home or townhouse of their choice once it meets the requirements of the program. One of the main features of Section 8 program is the Housing Choice Voucher, that in addition to what was already mentioned, allows a family to apply their monthly allowance towards purchasing a home.

There are two main reasons why people may not know about Section 8. Firstly, because it’s “low income housing” many people may have the impression that it’s substandard. On the contrary, these apartments are inspected and must meet certain standards in order to qualify for Section 8.  Once the tenants begin occupying the apartment, what happens then is not the government's fault. Secondly, because it’s not for everyone, unless you, or someone you know, have financial hardships and can’t afford proper housing, you really may not have a need to inquire about housing assistance offered by the government. In most cases you’ll learn about it if your family’s financial situation changes, or through someone else’s experience with it.

The Section 8 program has helped millions of people find safe, affordable homes for their families to live in. It is mainly for low-income families, which includes the elderly and disabled. Because it’s for low-income families it may be viewed by many as substandard housing, however on the contrary, these homes must meet certain requirements before a family can take up residence in a Section 8 home. Finally, under this program many families have been able to successfully purchase a home.

If you feel that you are in need of some assistance or would like to inquire more about the Section 8 housing program, you can visit us here to see if you might be eligible.