Apply For Social Security Benefits

Social Security is a federal program designed to provide financial aid to people with inadequate or no income. Working citizens pay a social security tax, while beneficiaries receive a portion of these taxes. Social Security helps 58 million Americans today, and is awarded to those who are retired, unemployed, or disabled. If you (or your spouse) are over the age of 61, are disabled, or unemployed, you may qualify for Social Security.

Applying for Social Security Benefits

To apply for benefits, you’ll want to make sure you meet the qualifications and that you are prepared. There are different type os benefits to apply for, too. If you are looking for retirement and medicare benefits, you'll want to complete this application. For disability benefits, complete this application. And if you are just looking for assistance with medical prescriptions, start here.

Getting Prepared

When you apply for SS Benefits, be sure to have the following information:

  • Birth certificate or other proof of birth;
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status if you were not born in the United States;
  • U.S. military discharge paper(s) if you had military service before 1968;
  • W-2 forms(s) and/or self-employment tax returns for last year;
  • An Adult Disability Report that collects more details about your illnesses, injuries or conditions, and your work history. You can complete this report online;
  • Medical evidence already in your possession. This includes medical records, doctors' reports, and recent test results; and
  • Award letters, pay stubs, settlement agreements or other proof of any temporary or permanent workers' compensation-type benefits you received

Also, you if you plan to apply for disability benefits, you should be ready to answer these questions:

  • Your name, gender and Social Security number;
  • Your name at birth (if different);
  • Your date of birth and place of birth (State or foreign country);
  • Whether a public or religious record was made of your birth before age 5;
  • Your citizenship status;
  • Whether you or anyone else has ever filed for Social Security benefits, Medicare or Supplemental Security Income on your behalf (if so, we will also ask for information on whose Social Security record you applied);
  • Whether you have used any other Social Security number;

What To Do If You Get Denied Disability Benefits

If you go through the federal application process and are denied benefits, you can appeal the decision. If you plan to go this route, it's best to have an attorney. Attorneys specialize in knowing the laws surrounding social security benefits and, in many cases, you can get the help from an attorney at no cost.

Get Started Today

To apply directly for disability benefits, you can visit the government site, or click the button below. You can also appeal a denial of benefits by clicking below. Your information will be gathered and reviewed to determine what the best course of action is.

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