Contacting the WIC State of Local Agency

Be sure to contact your WIC State of local agency to set up an appointment if you feel you might be eligible for WIC benefits. Applicants will be given the proper information about what documentation to bring with them.

Go here for listings of the toll-free numbers of WIC State agencies or the listings of State agencies in alphabetical order.

Duration of the WIC Program

WIC is not a prolonged program, but a short-term one. A participant will “graduate” at the end of one or more certification periods. Those periods are a length of time that a WIC participant is eligible to receive the benefits. Depending on the whether the person is pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, an infant, or child, the eligible individual generally receives WIC benefits from 6 months to a year, at which point they would need to reapply.

WIC Waiting List

There may be times in which the WIC agencies don’t have enough money to serve all those in need of WIC benefits or to accommodate to the large amount of applicants. In a case like this, WIC agencies keep a waiting list of individuals who want to apply and are likely to be served. WIC agencies base this system off of what is called a Priority System, or a way to determine who will get WIC benefits first when more people can be served. This system was put in place to make sure that WIC services and benefits are given first to participants with the more serious health conditions such as anemia (low blood levels), underweight, or have a poor history of pregnancy outcomes.

Moving While Participating

There are times in which a participant must move out of state or to another area and in turn are placed at the top of a waiting list of where they will move, and are served first when the WIC agency has their hands full. WIC participants who move, are still available to receive WIC benefits up until the point that their certification period expires, so long as there is evidence that they received WIC benefits in another area of State. Before they move, they should notify the WIC office. Most often, the WIC staff will give the participant a special card, dedicated to proving that they participated in the WIC program. Once they move, they can call the new WIC office to schedule an appointment and can provide the new office the special card they were given.