How to Get Free Cell Phone from Government

Dozens of companies participate in the free government cell phone program, or the Lifeline assistance program. And the program has been hugely successful, with an estimated 12-15 million Americans already using a free government cell phone. Thanks to Lifeline Assistance, millions of Americans have regular access to cellular service.

In order to claim your free government cell phone, you need to meet the income requirements. If you think you qualify, here is what to do next:

Getting Free Government Cell Phone is Easy

To claim your free government cell phone, first you will want to identify the eligibility requirements in your state and the companies that offer phones. To check your eligibility, this tool can give you an idea if you qualify.

After you've determined whether you are eligible for your free government cell phone, you'll want to find all the companies offering free cell phones in your state.

Lastly, you will need to re-certify your eligibility for your free cell service each year. Also, the Lifeline Assistance program is good for one phone per household. You will receive annual requests to update your information. Be sure to reply to these requests immediately, as not doing so may stop your benefits of free cellular service.