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Thank you for requesting the Family Resource Housing Guide. Now that you have your credit score and background record, download the Family Resource Housing Guide here. It's full of information that can help you acquire Low-Income Housing Assistance, Rental Assistance, Section 8 Choice Housing Vouchers, Foreclosure Avoidance, and more. Take time to discover all the information you need to educate, apply, and get approved for the government benefits programs you qualify for. Everything from Section 8 - Choice Housing Vouchers, WIC, SNAP Benefits, Low-Income Housing, and many other Welfare, Education, and Employment Grants and Assistance Programs. Follow the above links to get more detailed information or download a PDF Help Guide here. -> Download here.


As you know. It is imperative to get a copy of your credit report as soon as you are able. At some point you will be required to provide your credit report and your criminal background check before qualifying for many of these programs. Take this opportunity to get them truly for free. 

As mentioned above, the criminal background check is just as important as your credit report and score. Felonies and other misdemeanors need to be expunged or reduced so that you have the best chance of qualifying for the benefits you deserve and are aptly entitled to. Take the opportunity here to go through the process.