Avoiding Foreclosure

Have your expenses increased due to medical bills? Are you picking up the pieces after a separation or divorce? Or maybe you're trying to get by with less because your hours were cut or your business stumbled? Whatever the case, it's important to be proactive, and the Making Home Affordable Act offers real help.

More than a million homeowners have been helped by MHA programs. Homeowners in MHA modifications (HAMP) are typically saving more than $500 each month. And saving $500 a month can mean the difference between keeping and losing your home.

If you are considering refinance options or need help paying your mortgage, you should prepare before requesting assistance. Gather documentation detailing your mortgage, your current and past financial situation and the reasons you are having financial difficulty. With that information in hand, call your mortgage company to find out if you are eligible for a Making Home Affordable Program.

Making Home Affordable has real help to offer, but you must contact your mortgage company or a housing expert to take action. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get on the road to financial recovery. Not taking action will only make things worse. Remember, many Americans have taken the first step towards modifying or refinancing their mortgages, and so should you if you are having trouble making your mortgage payments.

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